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tv   News 4 at 5  NBC  July 6, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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exposed to the heat in excess of seven hours. prosecutor paul ebert says he doesn't believe murphy intended to harm her child. but maintains she is responsible for her actions. >> that's one of the reasons that we charge people. i don't know that she's going to be any better or worse for prosecution, but one of the reasons is we hope it will be a wake-up call for other people who may be inclined to not take care of their children. >> reporter: murphy's attorney called the 40-year-old bristow veterinarian a wonderful mother who is devastated by the loss of her son ryan. >> i'm surprised that the prosecutor elected to bring these charges literally within two weeks after the death of the child. the family hasn't really even had a chance to mourn. >> reporter: but according to court documents, the june incident isn't the first time that murphy, a married mother of three, had left ryan in the family's van. it was january of this year when the toddler's daycare center called to notify her that ryan was absent. murphy, whose animal care practice is in the same shopping
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center, then came out of the building and took him out of the family's van where he had been for 20 minutes. prosecut prosecu prosecutor ebert says that's why he took the case to a grand jury. >> the law provides for punishment and penalty in such cases. >> reporter: but murphy's attorney maintains ryan's death was accidental. >> we will do everything we can legally to keep this family together and to keep the prosecutor and the legal system from tearing this family apart. because of what was obviously a very tragic accident. >> reporter: murphy is free on $25,000 bond. she did not speak to the media today, and will be back in court next friday. reporting live in manassas, i'm jane watrel. back to you, jim and wendy. >> thank you, jane. developing right now, the baltimore washington parkway is back open, but the manhunt for a suspect armed with a shotgun and hammer isn't over yet. the search has been going on for several hours.
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at one point, the highway was shut down in both directions. it all began after a violent confrontation just a few miles from bwi airport. tracee wilkins joins us live near the scene with the latest. tracee? >> reporter: good morning -- or good evening, jim. of bw parkway. this construction is what this was all about. they have actually hired contracted workers to sit in jeeps and make sure that people are not speeding through these construction project areas on the bw parkway. we're just over here by the woods to the left there, one of those contracted employees was sitting inside of his vehicle when a man armed with a shotgun and a hammer came out of the woods and approached him. this is a shot of the investigatorses driving the damaged speed camera vehicle off of the baltimore washington parkway, just before they reopened it this afternoon. you can clearly see two large holes in the windshield of the white jeep. police are still looking for the
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man who put those holes there. >> the witness said that the individual was armed with a shotgun in one hand and a hammer in the other, a small-type hammer. he said that the individual went to the rear window of the jeep and began tapping on the rear window with a shotgun. the witness was obviously frightened at that point and began blowing his horn. he said the individual then came around to the front of the truck and began striking the front windshield with his hammer. >> reporter: the worker says the man never fired his gun. he says he was screaming incoherently as he banged on the windshield with his hammer. and just as quickly as he appeared, he disappeared into the woods. the worker was not harmed. police quickly shut down the baltimore washington parkway between the baltimore parkway and route 100 from 11:30 a.m. until 2:35 p.m. police with the maryland state and maryland state highway authority, as well as anne arundel county searched for the suspect. more than 50 officers combed the woods near the bw parkway with
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canines. they also searched nearby parking lots and hotels as a chopper flew overhead. after three hours of searching, no suspect was captured. and 295 was reopened. >> there is no indication he was in that immediate vicinity at that time along interstate 295, so officials felt it was safe at that time to reopen the parkway. they have done so, but their search is continuing this afternoon. >> reporter: that search is continuing. and here's who they're looking for. they say he is described as a white male between 60 and 65 years old, about 5'8", weighing 150 pounds with gray hair, a blue and red shirt, possibly a flannel shirt, and he was also wearing blue jeans at the time. now, as we mentioned earlier, they did have the bw parkway shut down and also overpasses over the bw parkway, as well. it was a major inconvenience for plenty of folks. we talk with those people at 6:00 p.m. back to you in the studio. >> thank you. casey anthony could be just one day away from freedom.
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after almost three years in jail, it's possible the judge could sentence the 25-year-old to time served. anthony was convicted on four counts of lying to police. but she was cleared of the most serious charges related to her daughter's death, including first degree murder. so far, the only juror to speak out is one of the alternates. >> i don't feel the prosecution was able to show how she died. what was the motive -- what was the motivation. >> others who watched even testified have given very vocal comments against the verdict, including casey's former fiance. he said it left him shocked and angry. >> right now, she has everything she ever wanted. she's going to have money, she's going to have people at her doorstep, asking for her, wanting her, and she's going to have that partying lifestyle that she so craved. >> so what will casey anthony do when she is released?
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that is still unclear. there has been speculation about tv interviews, as well as movie and book deals. >> meanwhile, the controversy and the confusion about not guilty verdict continues tonight. >> jay gray has been covering andwge from the get-go. he has the very latest orlando. orlando. jay, casey anthony is tomorrow. could ja released could ja released and if so, where is she going to go? >> reporter: jim, wendy, yeah, absolutely she could be released from jail tomorrow. and according to a lot of legal analysts here, it's likely that she will be released from jail for time served. where will she go? that's the big question at this point. we do know from defense sources that they had a plan in place long before the verdict that if it was not guilty, they would move her to an undisclosed location. and for the first time in three years, try to keep casey anthony out of the spotlight. that plan is still in place. they do plan to move her somewhere out of the glare of the cameras, away from everything for now. and as her attorney, jose baez
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said, give her some time to grieve. that was his words immediately following the verdict, for her to grieve and understand what it's like to be out of jail after being behind bars for three years. so the idea, at least from the defense team, at this point is they will move her away and make sure she stays out of the tvs glare, out of the limelight for a while. >> jay, what are they going to do about security? the public is not happy with this verdict. and believes that she did this and has gotten away with murder. so i would imagine that if i were her attorneys, i would want to provide some security for her so there isn't any vigilante justice going on. >> reporter: yeah, there's no question about that, wendy. what the defense team says is they will have security for casey anthony. what they won't do is tell you in what form and how many people and things like that, because they don't want to divulging that plan. and that makes sense. we do know around the jail, around the courthouse and in other key areas, including the anthoniee anthon anthonys' family home neighborhood, they have stepped up officers immensely after the verdict.
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her parents had a police escort, as well, and we know they will continue that for as long as they feel like it's necessary. and talking to the folks here, the sheriffs deputies and police, they think they're going to need this stepped-up security for quite some time. and we're not talking about a dozen or so officers more than 100 have been called in for this detail. >> and talk briefly, jay, about the family dynamic here. everybody has been calling this a dysfunctional family. will she go back with them? what is the status of their relationship post-verdict? >> reporter: you have to think, jim, that it's not very good at all. look, george anthony was at the center of the defense here, he was made out to be someone who abused his daughter, someone who helped hide his granddaughter's body after she was dead. in fact, after the verdict, the anthonys haven't spoken publicly. they did release, though, a written statement, and part of it said that they were upset about what they called casey anthony's defense. they didn't say our daughter. they said casey anthony's defense.
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they said they understand that the jury, based on what they saw evidence-wise, scientifically, and within the parameters of the law, they understand the jury's verdict. they're worried they'll never find out who or why caylee anthony was killed, no. i think most who know casey have said there's no way she is going back into that home. and, in fact, as that dysfunction, like you talked about, jim, played out publicly across not only the nation, but the world, there are a lot of people who wonder what's going to happen now as they try to pick up the pieces. no question, that's going to be a very difficult task right now. >> all right. jay gray, we'll be checking back with you tomorrow. another big day in orlando. and coming up in our next half hour tonight, how people across the country reacted when the verdict was read. you can also leave us your comments on our website. or on facebook. and we're on twitter, too. well, right now, we are locked in a pattern that is steamy and could become stormy. >> there is plenty of sunshine in the district. but rain to our south. and chief meteorologist doug kammerer is staying on top of
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all of the changes for us. doug, busy night? >> busy night for some, especially those areas well to the south of here. i-95 towards richmond, they have seen a lot of rain down there, and right now southern st. mary's county is seeing that rain. but the rest of us dry throughout most of the evening. 85 degrees out there now, but the heat index up to 92 degrees. so talk about a steamy atmosphere. winds right now out of the south at 10 miles per hour. it's 86 right now in sterling. 91 in winchester. 81 towards quantico. and look at the 70s. fredericksburg and leonardtown, we have seen rain in those areas during the day today. that's why we have those cooler temperatures. and here is live digital doppler radar, you can see where the rain is in southern portions of st. mary's and calvert county. that rain will eventually begin to move out. i think we'll be clearing out overnight tonight. temperatures starting off around 74 tomorrow morning. when you step out the door, i do expect rain tomorrow. i'll show you when i think the best chances for rain are coming up in full forecast. >> all right. thank you, doug. a warning about a possible
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new terror threat. the threat to lead to enhanced screening procedures at international flights to the united states. and officials are telling nbc news that terrorists have considered the possibility of surgically implanting an explosive device in a passenger. there is no indication this plan has moved beyond the talking stage, but the transportation security administration says international passengers flying into the u.s. can expect to face additional screening measures. the driver of that deadly interstate bus crash down in richmond pleaded not guilty today to involuntary manslaughter charges. 37-year-old kim eu chung appeared before a grand jury today. in may, the sky express bus driver was on his way from new york to virginia when he swerved and crashed. he later admitted to falling asleep at the wheel. four people were killed and dozens more injured. her%1jv felony charges in the crash. coming up next, caught in the act. a woman was hiding.
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why this woman was hiding her husband in her suitcase. plus, a d.c. government employee accused of sexual assault. and tonight, new details about his criminal past are coming to light. it could be years before metro finds a permanent fix for that escalator problem. and we're going to wait until you see what crews s
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♪ i thought it was over here... ♪ [car horn honks] our outback always gets us there... ... sometimes it just takes us a little longer to get back. ♪
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/ talk about an unusual jail break. a wife tried to literally wheel her husband out of prison. 19-year-old maria dell mar rivero was arrested after guards noticed her acting nervously while she pushed an unusually large suitcase. oh, there he is! when they checked, they found hubby stuffed inside. possession. something tells me he's got a few years tacked on to him. but good for him for being a contortionist. d.c. mayor vincent gray says the city has stepped up efforts now to protect young people involved in the city's summer jobs program. this move comes as police investigate two instances of
5:16 pm
sexual assaults last week. here's news4's tom sherwood. >> reporter: jim, the summer jobs program is popular with thousands of young people. these unusual sexual assault cases are being taken very seriously. about 12,000 young people have summer jobs this year, far fewer than the 20,000 in the past. but mayor gray says he cut the number involved to make it more manageable, to avoid payroll and other problems in previous years. now the reported lewd and indecent acts on a youth in the headquarters and a similar act at the ant costia high school angers the mayor. >> obviously, alarming, disappointing and reprehensible. >> reporter: gray promised tougher action to protect young people. >> they have a right, obviously, to expect a wholesome and healthy summer youth employment work experience. >> we called everyone, had a conversation with them, provided several different phone numbers, websites, access to counseling and those things. >> reporter: the anacostia case
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is still being investigated. in the other, an adult employment services worker has been arrested and charged with felony touching. he has been identified as 54-year-old thomas d. nelson, who has a long criminal record in the 1980s. a city background check only goes back ten years. >> he is not a supervisor. all supervisors are requireded to have a background check, which the metropolitan police department conducts. >> reporter: and what is his job, if he's not part of the -- >> he is a file clerk. >> i'm not going to discuss his record here, but i have looked at his record and there was nothing in there to indicate this type of an offense. >> reporter: the mayor is reviewing whether any changes need to be made to the jobs program and the d.c. council is going to hold a hearing on the incident. back to you. >> tom sherwood, thank you. we have a steamy day out there. not as hot as it could be, but boy, is it muggy. >> yeah, dew point right now at 73 degrees. any time you get above 70 -- >> swim to your car. >> that's exactly what you do. i saw somebody actually doing that. one guy doing the back stroke. it was actually great.
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>> was he in a suitcase? >> he wasn't in a suitcase, though. >> his tired wife dragging him up the street? >> i'll show you what is happening out there right now. we can go on all day with that one. that one is hailarious. she almost got to the airport with him and figured out she had to pay $25. that didn't work. i've got to give that to bruce. >> seriously, folks. >> i've got to give that to because behind the camera. nice job, buddy. 85 degrees the current temperature right now with partly cloudy skies, but the heat index is on. right now, 92 degrees, a very hot and a very humid atmosphere out there. i think the temperature could actually go up a degree or two before the 6:00 hour. as a result of the sunshine that we are now starting to see across the area. where there has been sun, we're at 91 in martinsburg, 91 in winchester, 89 in hagers town and to the south, only 77 and in leonardtown. look at the heat index, 92 in washington. 94 in annapolis, 89 toward
5:19 pm
hagerstown, no heat index there. 91 in man an as, and also in culpeper, i think we'll see this increase during the day tomorrow if we get the sun. tomorrow could be another day like today where we have cloud cover that may keep temperatures a little bit below our average electricit temperature. there's the rain to the south, and toward the eastern shore towards salisbury. that's really it. that rain will continue to move out. we did see showers early this morning. now we're watching this rain ain of richmond right around the hampton roads area in virginia. down there towards norfolk, very heavy rain there associated with that front al boundary, and that front is just not moving, been there the last couple days. tomorrow it may drift back to the north even further as a warm front. as that does happen, 7:00 a.m., not bad. maybe some fog out there, but that's going to be about it. but look at noon, widely scattered showers and even thunderstorms. i don't expect anything severe, but what i do expect from storms tomorrow and into the day friday could be very heavy rainfall. we need to see the rain. we would like to see the rain.
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but we don't want to see it come all at once. on friday, look at this. 2:00 on friday afternoon, once again. widely scattered rain, and i do expect a lot of people to see it. partly cloudy, quite humid, 86 falling down to 82 degrees by 9:00. as move through the day tomorrow, 67 to 74 to start off our thursday morning under mostly clear skies. tomorrow, partly sunny, hot and humid, scattered storms likely, temperatures 87 to 92. and here you go, the next four days, a better chance of rain again on friday. saturday and sunday right now looking dry. it is, however, going to be on the warm side, and coming up on friday, as you know, we've got our backyard weather. and if you would like me to come to your backyard send pictures to i'm a little worried about this friday's backyard weather. may not be able to get out there. we'll see. >> really? >> a lot of rain. >> really? that much. all right. >> thank you, doug. after the break, it looked (ù gathered movie.
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bracing for round two of this dust storm. look at that. and thousands gathered to celebrate the daily llama's 76th birthday.
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aqua zumba.
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hey, it's wednesday, and we're asking washington, what's your workout? >> tonight we're going to meet a man who dabs danced his way to weight loss and it wasn't practicing salsa and meringue that helped him get fit. he got wet. >> i was 250 pounds, heaviest i've ever been and so i said i need to do something about this. so i got a gym membership and i went to the gym, but it wasn't enough. okay, this treadmill, some people love it, i don't love it. and people were like, there's a zumba class, and i'm like what's zumba. and then you hear the music and you're like, whoa, this is hot. this is my people's music. one day i got the courage and to do in the back and fell in love for the first time. november of 2009 i got certified as a zumba instructor. zumba is a latin cardio dance class, a lot of cardio and movement and it's international and it has a lot of beautiful rhythms, especially from central america, south america, anywhere
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in the world. ♪ >> we'll add a crunch or lunge to make it a workout, and you can burn 1,000 calories in had one class. aqua zumba is all about resistance and engaging your core. shyand it's a great way. you know, i was very shy and insecure. now i'm like i can rule the world. using weight ool, you're cvv(, whoa. it's li it's like you've been working, it feels as though you have been using weights. >> for people who love water, this is a great workout. >> i'm actually engaging myself. i have to push myself to show my students how i'm doing it. and then we will both get air great workout. i started seeing the weight come off and felt better about myself. and then it was just more like, party.
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and that's what i want. all i want. i want energy, i want you to have fun and have a great workout without you thinking it's a workout. ♪ >> eric lost 60 pounds doing zumba. i need to take a zumba class. i cn t your workout is to use your whole body. obviously bopping around in the water won't do a whole lot. jim. >> i'm just having fun watching. to learn more about aqua zumba, and to get a first-hand account of what it's like, go to our website, up next, the verdict watched around the world. >> who cares for that baby? >> how social media played a role in the casey anthony murder heart. why the = out his
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fast4ward through the headlines. investigators a a5l4dgunm
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man car in the parking lot. the bw parkway shut down, police searching for a gunman. exclusive video obtained by news4 shows a jeep attacked by a man armed with a hammer and a shotgun. the victim, however, was not hurt. 6 to: xm,l7yening. that#/ign the to attack flights bound for the u.s. there is no indication the plot has moved past the talking stage. metro's escalator problem has gone from bad to worse. and it could be years before we see any real improvement. >> and that is not sitting well with riders at the foggy bottom station who have been huffing up the steps in the heat for the past two days. >> chris gordon joins us live to tell why the most recent headache may involve a popular summer accessory. chris? >> reporter: that's right.
5:31 pm
metro repair crews foundc escalators here at the foggy jb? sta to catch th8(.1 today.> so i'm going have to hold on to the side and work -- you know, walk down, which i think is still a terrible hazard, because i could slip and fall, you know. and i think that's very bad. >> reporter: travelers carrying luggage struggle to get down the
5:32 pm
stairs to their train. >> i thought it was a little disconcerting i had to carry it all the way down the stairs. >> reporter: tuesday, none of the escalators were working here, and it was packed with passengers waiting to try to walk up the stairs or in long lines for the elevator. this morning, all of the escalators again went out, and repair crews found three flip flops, summer sandals, stuck inside. at the dupont circle station, two escalators are not working. metro says smoke poured from them monday afternoon. metro's monthly with called vital signs report oper 485 of the 588 escalators were operating in may, 2011. this represents a significant decrease from april, with 22 less escalators in operation for the month. this is a result of large increase in maintenance, for inspection repairs and unscheduled service calls. rebum outlined in the report this month is that escalator
5:33 pm
availability in may did take a dip, but it did so largely because we are rebuilding some of the neediest escalators, some of the most problematic escalators on the system. >> reporter: and we're looking r ç" station tonight for the ride home on their trains. metro says it will be several years before the escalator replacement program is complete. in the meantime, riders can check the maintenance schedule, the stations and the escalators that are affected by going to met back to you now in the above-g thep mayors orig there. thanks, chris. an about face from d.c. mayor vincent gray who now supports an above-ground metro station at dulles airport. the mayor was originally in favor bo an underground station, but that option would add an extra $300 million to the price tag.
5:34 pm
mayor gray is urging the district's threeycn had regional airport's board mcdonn about zand groundeah, i've had extensive conversations with governor mcdonnell about this, and i'm convinced this is going to result in a very substantial financial hardship, by will be borne completely by the state of virginia that could ultimately imperil this line we have been waiting for. >> today the loudoun county ) won't take action until won't take action until 19th. the metropolitan southwesu-ori ground or below. newly released audio recordings show quick reaction of a southwest airlines pilot when the roof ripped open in mid flight. this happened in april over arizona. the pilot is heard telling air m
5:35 pm
he was starting a descent and asked for nearest airport. the pilots were able to land in about five minutes. none of the 118 passengers had any serious injuries, and a preliminary report showed the plane may have had flaws in its aluminum cover when it was built 15 years ago. well, got an opinion about the casey anthony verdict? bet you ha y juryt6r across the country feeling justice was not served. nbc's jeff rossen has that story. >> we the jury find the defendant not guilty. >> reporter: in orlando, it's personal. asscreaming ] >> all of that evidence led to that girl doing this. >>ai right. who >> orange county, florida. >> reporter: as the jury passed judgment -- >> as to theoutrage of first i
5:36 pm
the defendant not guilty. >> reporter: as casey anthony wiped tears of joy, america did irl's life onfn;s with >> as to the charge of aggravatesed -- >> reporter: millions watched the verdict stan still tv. they watched on airplanes with ipads, k caylee's body was t\e across the country, offices came to a stand still.florida, quome posted on >> how is that possible? >> she is going to walk. >> what toddler case in florida, quickly morphed into a national obsession. >> we don't really feel like we got any answers and so it's unresolved. and what happens with things that k=8z? courts don'tcq beliee rnds,kardashian.m
5:37 pm
't @] o.j. si this think killed this little baby, tweeted kim kardashian. sharon osbourne called it a disgra disgrace, and ashton kutcher tweeted, o.j. simpson finds this verdict outrageous. utrage, jus have7xyone is hard likec >> reporter:lirse thereyn one b. >> juries have to have the evidence to make a kçt reporting.úo whether you agree -- or not, there is one undisputed truth. a beautiful 2-year-old girl is e >> was jeff rossen reporting. .fhoney, why aren't you playing with your friends?
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i am playing with my friends. hey, mrs. d... joseph? sarah! it's mommy's turn now. let's go. [ male announcer ] the average home has over four internet-connected devices. we were gonna storm the castle. i love your hair.
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[ sarah ] thanks i went to your guy. it's perfect. i thought we were storming the castle. [ male announcer ] that's why you need the internet rated #1 for supporting multiple users and devices simultaneously. verizon fios. a network ahead. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-tty/v. when we met today's wednesday's children a year-and-a-half ago, we knew there was something special about them. and so did somebody else. the man who wound up adopting them. >> barbara harrison has the story of three siblings and their new dad. >> reporter: meet the hall family. jasmine, malik, dmitrus, and dad anthony hall. >> hi. >> the whole family!
5:41 pm
good to see you. my goodness. you guys remember the last time we were here? >> yes. >> reporter: you remember what we did? >> yes. we were playing video games. >> reporter: the last time we were here at best buy with the kids, they were our wednesday's children. a sibling group hoping to find a loving family to embrace them all in a forever home. a year-and-a-half later, we're back, and this time with their brand-new dad, who they are thrilled to have. and they loved hearing him introduce them as -- >> my children. >> reporter: congratulations. >> thank you. >> reporter: in the past, anthony hall had done temporary foster care for more than 50 kids. he adopted one who is now grown up. and then he got this call. >> he said these are younger males, and i normally work with older teenagers. and i was open to the new idea of working with younger men. and two days later, they called me and said, well, there's one more sibling, a girl. i had fostered over 52 boys, and
5:42 pm
i've adopted, but never had a little girl, so it was a little scary at first. but i think that's the best thing ever for me. >> reporter: it started as fostering, but within days of their arrival, anthony knew these kids were there to stay. >> when they first came in, malik used to follow me all through the house. he wouldn't let me out of his eyesight. and i think the second day, dmitrus came and asked me was it okay to call me "daddy" and from there on, we kind of have been living as one happy family. >> reporter: the contented smiles on their faces tells the story. >> he's a good person. he likes to have fun. >> reporter: these days, the kids still like to play wii games, just as we did the first time we met. but now daddy is there. he's a dad with his hands full, and loving every minute of it. barbara harrison, news4, for wednesday's child. >> oh, love that story. >> what a great ending. if you have room in your home and heart to adopt a child, call
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right now, thousands are
5:46 pm
gathered in reston, virginia to meet the hugging saint. indian spiritual leader alma is at the hyatt regency today and tomorrow for her spiritual programs. the event is free. ama has traveled the world over, giving an estimated 30 million hugs in her lifetime to transmit what she calls the purist form of love. well, is it his buddhist beliefs, or desire for world peace? >> every year, the dalai lama's popularity continues to grow. >> news4's john schriffen went to the verizon center today to see why his holiness attracts so many followers from all around the world. >> reporter: they came by the thousands from more than 45 countries all over the world to see and feel the spirit of his holiness, the dalai lama. >> this is an event for philly. you know, it's peaceful, it's beautiful, and there is a sort of a human communion that goes with this. and that's why you see people
5:47 pm
crying that have never been exposed to that before. >> reporter: wednesday morning, the verizon center was transformed into a temple, where the dalai lama performed an ancient buddhist ritual, spreading his message of peace and love. >> he's our leader, he's our spiritual leader, he's the one who guides us. he's like our father. >> reporter: on this first day of his 11-day trip to the d.c. area, the exiled tibetan shared the stage with the son of dr. martin luther king jr., a gathering of peaceful leaders on this special day, the dalai lama's birthday. . he is someone who stood up for nonviolence. sort of this view of nonviolence that things can be worked out and forgiveness and compassion. and it's also his birthday! he's 76. so a good time to celebrate. >> reporter: immediately following this morning's ceremonies, thousands inside of verizon center took to the streets to continue the birthday celebrations. they will now walk down 7th towards the national mall in honor of this special day many
5:48 pm
tibetans consider more important than their own birthday. ♪ >> it's a greeting song. >> reporter: many had political scien science signs, asking china to free tibet from political control. organizers say this event has one main goal. >> our object is to bring all of them together here, to plant a seed for nonviolence, and we hope that when these people go back to their places, they promote world peace and nonviolence. >> reporter: in china town, john schriffen, news4. >> what a turnout this week. >> i'm not surprised. >> yeah. let's get the forecast now from doug. we saw some wet areas earlier. how about the rest of us, doug? >> right now, most of the area is dry. and if not -- when i say most, probably 95% of us on the dry side, 85 degrees out there now with plenty of sunshine. dew point of 73. that puts our heat index at 92. so everybody is also seeing very warm and humid conditions. the rain well down to our south and east. southern st. mary's county around the st. mary's city area,
5:49 pm
down around scotland beach, you're seeing rain and persistent rain, at that. 74 overnight tonight in washington. 70 in warrenton. it's going to be a very warm and humid night, and a very warm and humid day tomorrow. highs back around 91 degrees with scattered thunderstorms. some could produce heavy rain. guys? >> thanks, doug. so are you hungry? how about a hot dog or 40 of them? in ten minutes? an alexandria resident took home this year's coney island hot dog eating contest award. sonja thomas, also known as the black widow, she threw down 40 hot dogs in under 11 minutes on her way to the win. wead her on the studio today at 4:00, and here's what she had to say before she got her mouth full. >> and how do you train for it? what's the strategy and technique with it? >> you know, first i have to practice. because i don't know how to eat fast. now that i've been doing this for almost nine years, right, i don't need to practice, really.
5:50 pm
and then anything -- be ready for stomach capacity. because i think probably i cannot -- i don't know, i cannot reach 60 hot dogs in 10 minutes. i don't think so. >> so you practiced for speed. >> speed, yeah. >> not for capacity. because you can hold a lot of food. >> yes, 18, 19 pounds of food, i can hold it. >> we were about ready to present a hot dog to her. she downed that in 25 seconds. usually she does it in five. >> we gave her ice-cold water and that messed her up. >> because she has to dunk them and let the bun soak it up so she slide down easier. >> she almost choked. >> she won 10,000 bucks. >> good for her. talking about a sport, a real one, hakem dermish is out at nats park, hoping to head for the all-star team. >> michael morris trying to become the final fan vote in major league baseball. right now he trails phillies outfielder shane victorino. i'm trying to campaign for the guy. morris for all-star.
5:51 pm
we made this at this at the station. what do you think of the sign? >> love it. absolutely. >> campaigning for you. the other side, phoenix or bust. >> yeah, literally. phoenix or bust. >> john lenin is campaigning for you, last night had the sign on his back. your buddies are campaigning for you. how cool would it be to get to the all-star game? >> it would be a dream come true. that's basically -- you know, you play hard, the whole year, and you know, you play to get to the world series. you play to get to the playoffs. and as a personal goal, you know, you play to get to that all-star game. you know, i've been through a lot in my career, so this is a great accomplishment for me right now. >> reporter: and you've really been clutched this season, 46 rbis, you have come up in a lot of situation, a walk-off home run. how satisfying is it to finally be a major league starter and then having the success you're having? >> you know what, it feels good to be part of a team.
5:52 pm
you know, the feeling of being out there every day, like you said, starting, and being in the middle of everything, it's a great feeling. and, you know, i've been waiting a long time for this. >> you have one error in 398 chances at first base. this is a position you didn't even play until you came to the big leagues. you were a shortstop coming out of high school, and you were absolutely solid over there. >> i think playing short helped me. i think, you know, not only did i play short, i can play all of the positions. and i take it really -- i take it to heart, being able to play all of the positions good. so moving to first, playing first, wasn't a big transition to me. but now, you know, i want to be the best at it. >> a lot of people know you from your t-shirt. i actually have one here from 22 fresh. beast mode. how did this all come about? you're mashing the ball. >> yeah, me and desmond early in the year, he told me, hey, this is you. wear this. and you know what, i haven't
5:53 pm
stopped wearing it since. >> and b.o.b. has a song, beast mode. >> yeah, i come out to it. >> so you're going to keep using that song. >> oh, yeah, believe it. beast mode. when i get on the field, beast mode. i turn into beast mode. >> last question for you. what's it been like playing for david johnson. >> it's been great. he's been through a lot. he's been through everything in baseball. he has had winning seasons, he's had great teams. and as a player, we respect him. and he respects us in the same manner. so he let's us go out there and play. and, you know, he doesn't bother us. >> awesome. michael morris, thanks for your time. trying to get michael morse to the all-star game. you can go to our website, get this man to the all stars, he deserves it. >> nice artwork there, hakem. we liked it. >> right. we're rooting for you. here's what we're working on for tonight at 6:00. president obama today did
5:54 pm
something that no other president has ever done. he held a twitter town hall. but the president was allowed to break some of the social networking rules. a daycare worker in northern virginia is in serious trouble tonight with the law. we'll tell you why one school community is alarmed. and out in california, a guy walked into a museum and just snatched a picasso right off the wall. those stories and more coming up in a few minutes. >> how did that happen? all right. we'll see you in a bit. up next on news4 at 5:00 want to, a dangerous dust storm sweeps through arizona, and the
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
residents in arizona are bracing for another dust storm. forecasters say conditions are right for more problems. >> a 50-mile-wide dust storm blanketed the area. we have the latest. >> i have never seen anything like this in my lifetime. >> reporter: it liked a scene right out of a disaster movie, but this massive dust storm that roared through parts of phoenix, tempe and scotts dale, arizona tuesday was not a hollywood creation. it was a real-life monster that caught many people by surprise. >> we were driving on the freeway, and both of us at the same time said "what is that?" and we pulled off the road and walked over here, and -- just
5:58 pm
both just stared at it. >> this is as far as i got and i said i can't go any further. so we waited it out. >> reporter: the huge wall of dust reported to be 50 miles wide was pushed by wind gusts of more than 60 miles per hour, instantly turning daytime into night. >> at one point, visibility was down to about 25 yards. it was very dangerous situation across the city. >> the storm's high winds toppleled trees and power lines, causing power outages throughout the area. low visibility led to flight delays into phoenix before the dust settled. adidi roy, nbc news, los angeles. >> it looks like a movie. >> yeah. well, that is it for news4 at 5:00. >> stay there, news4 at 6:00 starts right now. a manhunt for a gunman shut down roads to a major airport. the suspect had a shut gone, a hammer and a problem with the
5:59 pm
speed camera worker. surgically implanted explosives may be a new terror threat in the skies. it's probably going to change airport security. new dramatic audio recording reveal what really happened on a southwest airlines flight when a hole suddenly opened up on a plane in mid air. we begin tonight with that manhunt for a gunman. after he attacked a speed camera worker. good evening, i'm jim vance. >> i'm dorene gentzler. the search began along the baltimore washington parkway. police shut down the parkway for hours to search for a man spotted with a shotgun and sledgehammer. the parkway reopened but still no gunman. tracee joins us with more on this elusive suspect. trac tracee? >> reporter: we have no gunman and no motive. police don't know why this all happened, but here's how it unfolded. right here on the parkway, as you can see, we have this construction work here. folks who travel


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